namjingle Profile and Facts

namjingle Profile and Facts

namjingle is a soloist and professional gamer under Fuse Entertainment. They debuted on October 3rd, 2019, with the single "This is an intellectual event only, everyone else go home".

namjingle Fandom Name: FURRISE
namjingle Fan Color: Pantone 4142 C (Furry Blue)

Stage Name: namjingle
Birth Name: Tobi
Birthday: March 19, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Georgian-American
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namjingle Facts:
– Birthplace: United States
– namjingle's nicknames are Furry, Tobfi, and Tofu.
– They formed the group Johnny Cult on April 17, 2020.
– Their favorite musicians are ONF, E'LAST, Blitzers, and Demian.
– namjingle is close friends with Seungyeop and GO_U.
– They can speak English (sometimes) and they're currently learning French.
– namjingle's favorite foods are pasta, pizza, and sandwiches.
– Their MBTI is ENFP-T.
– Their favorite video games are Paladins, Minecraft, CS:GO, and Roblox.
– namjingle's representative animal is a meerkat.
– They currently have 3 dogs and 4 cats.
– namjingle's favorite dramas are Tonhon Chonlatee, 1000 Stars, Fish Upon The Sky, and SOTUS.
– They dislike horror movies and most scary things.
– Their hobbies include web design, gaming, watching dramas, and participating in Punch Time.
– "Incomplete" by ONF is one of their favorite songs.
– namjingle ranks Shim Jaeyoung as the number one person "most likely to steal everyone's heart".
– If they could only bring three things to a deserted island, they would bring water, a knife, and Kim Hyojin
– namjingle's favorite season is spring.
– The fastest way to wake them up is to play KPop music; they'll be awake and out of bed in less than 5 seconds.
– They don't like summer because of the hot weather and bugs.
– If namjingle had a superpower, it would be time manipulation.
– They like mangoes, cherries, and nectarines.
– They dislike cheesecake, beans, and chocolate ice cream.
– Their favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
– If they could travel anywhere, namjingle would like to visit either Thailand or France.
– One of their habits is biting their knuckles when stressed.
– They tend to laugh at everything, even things that aren't necessarily funny.
– Their motto: "Well maybe if you stanned ONF then you wouldn't be a complete loser and have 63 missing assignments in English Language Arts."
namjingle's ideal type: "Park Minkyun!"

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